The toxic red tide bloom that’s been menacing the Southwest Florida coast since October, 2017 might finally be over.
Karenia brevis“, is the organism that causes red tide outbreaksand water quality samples taken along coastal areas in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Bay recently have shown only natural, background levels.
According to Michelle Kerr, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “It does appear to be sustaining in background concentrations, meaning that it is pretty much over… There haven’t been fish kills reported associated with red tide in a few weeks… As of Friday it hasn’t been present throughout the entire state.”

It’s not as clear-cut as ‘it started’ or ‘it’s over’.

This latest red tide outbreak is the longest lasting, since a bloom that continued from the Summer of 2004 until the of Spring 2006.
Kerr went on to say that it will be a while before water quality scientists officially declare it’s over, because it could reappear again in a few days. “It’s not as clear-cut as ‘it started’ or ‘it’s over.'”
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